STEP Program- School to Employment Program

STEP is a community partnership founded in 2002 between Parkview Medical Center and School District 70. Our mission is to generate a quality academic experience which provides observation opportunities along with a pipeline to a career at Parkview Medical Center. Students must apply spring semester, junior year in high school. Applications are available through their school counselor.


Must have a 2.8 cumulative GPA or higher and be in good standings within the school setting before granted an interview.

If chosen, the rotation is  Mon.-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. during the Fall semester, 18 weeks.  At nine weeks, if interested, you will be eligible to apply for an internship Spring Semester. If granted an internship, second semester students will report to their mentor in the designated department as a student intern.

Enroll in Pueblo Community College Medical Terminology Class on-line, 2 credit course in the Fall. If previously taken, it will be waived as a requirement.

Applications are due once a year in March, before Spring Break.



Receive 128 observation hours within the completed semester, to include the summer hours.

Awarded a letter grade from D70  home high school along with credits from Pueblo Community College upon completion of the semester, HPR 100 & 104, along with Medical Terminology Class online.

Pre & post testing through Precision Exams with potential to earn a Certificate of Proficiency from the National Consortium for Health Science Education.

Trade/Career Skills Certification Exam will be assigned specific to the industry.